Is A Teeter Inversion Table 
Right For You?

A Teeter Inversion Table, also known as Teeter Hang Ups, is an excellent choice for inversion therapy. Whether you are wanting to use inversion therapy for chronic back pain, or for muscle pain after too much weekend football, or if you want to make your exercising more productive, you can't go wrong with Teeter.






"stretch the muscles, and separate the vertebra"

Inversion therapy applies traction or stretching to the lumbar spine. This will stretch the muscles, and separate the vertebra, allowing the discs to absorb more water. Hydrating the discs will provide more space and cushion between the vertebrae.

Separating the discs also makes more room for 
the nerve roots as they exit the lumbar spine, 
relieving the pain of sciatica.

Inversion therapy is also good for muscle pain from too much football, too much time in the garden, or too much time bent over with your grandkids.

"increase the effectiveness of your exercise program"

This treatment has been used for centuries for back pain, but recently it has gained new popularity as a way to increase the effectiveness of your exercise program. Hanging inverted multiplies the power of your crunches and sit-ups making them many times more effective.

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Teeter Inversion Table Benefits

Exercising your abdominals and other core muscles while inverted, or even partially inverted, strengthens your muscles in a way that you just can't match lying on a mat.

"you can preset the angle and not worry about going too far"

With special features for exercising, the Teeter Inversion Table makes a great addition to your home exercise program. It locks in place so that it won't move when you are exercising. It also has a specially designed mat that supports you and flexes as you move.

It is always best to start out slow and with this bed you can preset the angle and not worry about going too far. There are specially designed roller hinges that allow you to adjust your rate of rotation.

"ratcheting buckles for a perfect insecure fit"

Teeter padded ankle holders grip you securely or you can upgrade to the optional gravity boots. These boots wrap around the ankle and lower leg with super-soft liners and a flexible shell that adjusts with ratcheting buckles for a perfect insecure fit.

The Teeter Inversion Table is a solidly built unit that is made from the treated steel. It comes with a laminated Owner's Manual and an instructional DVD which shows you how to assemble and use this terrific product.

"everyone enjoys having inversion therapy in their home"

If you're interested in a natural and safe way to treat your back pain the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table is definitely something you should investigate.

Talk to your friends, and get the opinions of other people, you will learn how much everyone enjoys having inversion therapy in their home.

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