Trapezius Muscle Pain                                         In Women

Trapezius muscle pain or trapezius myalgia is common in women who perform repetitive tasks. It is also common in women who sit in one position with little motion of the arms such as working at a computer keyboard or sitting at a desk.

Trapezius myalgia may become a migraine headache trigger requiring therapy for migaines. The treatment for headaches and migraine headache triggers will include neck pain treatments. 

"gentle stretches and a few simple exercises"

The symptoms of trapezius muscle pain may vary, but the pain treatment is easy to do and simple to understand. It involves some gentle stretches and a few simple exercises to strengthen and condition the trapezius muscle.

The symptoms of trapezius myalgia can range from minor discomfort in the upper back to severe pain that radiates to the middle and lower back, or into the shoulders, or up into the neck.

tightness and tension in the muscles"

Trapezius muscle pain is often associated with tightness and tension in the muscles of the upper back and neck. Some women will also develop tender trigger points in the upper back and between the shoulder blades.

Many of these symptoms are often associated with stress, anxiety, and mental strain in a stressful job.

Trapezius pain may also develop after a whiplash injury which may strain the trapezius muscle. If you are having whiplash symptoms after being involved in any kind of an accident you need to be seen by a doctor and evaluated with x-rays.

"let's look at your trapezius muscle, where it lays, and what it does"

To understand the treatment for trapezius muscle pain let's look at your trapezius muscle, where it lays, and what it does.

Your trapezius muscle is a large flat muscle that lies just under the skin of the upper back. It is the first of several upper back muscle layers including the rhomboid and the latissimus dorsi.

"it also connects to the base of the skull"

Each side has a triangular shape, with a long base along the spine and a point that points to the tip of the shoulder on the left and right side.

Along the spine your trapezius muscle attaches to the spinous processes of the cervical and thoracic spines. At the upper end it also connects to the base of the skull where it may become a migraine headache trigger. At the point of the triangle it connects to the top of your shoulder blade and the outer 1/3 of your collarbone.

"an important part of your posture"

Your trapezius muscle is an important part of your posture. It holds your head back and tips its side to side. It also moves yours shoulder blades together and pulls your shoulders back.

These videos have some very technical explanations, much more technical than we need for this discussion, but they use a good model that shows the trapezius muscle and its attachments.

"more effective when you understand"

These neck pain treatments will be more effective when you understand how stretches and other moves can be used to strengthen and condition this very important muscle.

Trapezius Muscle Models


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