Treatment for Back Pain that Works for Me

by Dave
(Yuma, AZ)

I crushed two vertebrae in my back in 1970 and over the years I have tried many different things and a lot of them seem to help at least for awhile.

The three that I seem to keep going back to are the TENS unit, my inversion table, and my chair.

I have used several different E-stim units, with all of their different settings, and I can't tell much difference between them, in how well they work. When I first start using them I think WOW, this is really helping. Then I don't know if I get used to it, or bored with it, or annoyed by it, or what. But after awhile I kind of just stop using it as much. Seems like my back still hurts, but I just don't bother to put it on. I don't know, it's weird. Does anyone else do this?

My inversion table I use pretty consistently whenever my back is hurting and I have time to lay down for a few minutes. It always seems to help up to a certain point.

To make my back feel better I need extra lumbar support, something that really pushes out in the lumbar area. I looked and looked at recliners, they were all soft and comfy, but my back sagged right into them and I could only sit there for 5 or 10 minutes before my back would start hurting. I never could find a recliner that worked for me, so I built my own chair with an exaggerated lumbar curve, and it works great.

I welded up a frame out of metal tubing and then covered it with strips of leather to sit on. I shaped the back with the extra lumbar curve that I wanted and now that is where I sit whenever I am sitting around the house and it really helps. It has a rocker bottom so that it rocks from almost straight up and down to an almost horizontal position. I could probably post some pictures if anyone is interested.

Well those are the 3 things that work best for me. I kind of go back and forth between them. None of them take the pain away completely but each one of them seems to help.

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