TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

This electronic pulse massager uses gentle electrical stimulation to relax muscles and relieve pain. Whether you have muscle soreness from exercising or working in the yard or chronic pain this TENS unit will make you more comfortable. 

Guaranteed to make you feel better. 






Convenient and Easy to Use
This unit is the size of your remote and fits in your pocket. Take it with you wherever you go. Four adhesive pads conduct a gentle stream of electricity that softly stimulates sore muscles and takes your pain away.

Powerful and Effective
Electrical stimulation has been used in different forms to relieve pain for hundreds of years. It interrupts the pain signal traveling to the brain and it also stimulates the release of endorphins. Endorphins are those magic little molecules  produced by your brain that interact with the opioid receptors and create the "runner's high". 

Free Pain Management Videos
Included in the purchase price are series of pain management videos. They are downloadable or view on line videos by renowned expert Tildet. She guides you through meditation and wonderful mental exercises to show you how to overcome your pain with focus and discipline. 

Normally Sold Separately
These extraordinary videos are yours free when you act now. 

Affordable Pain Relief

This unit is competitively priced and has a complete parts and labor 90 day guarantee.

This powerful little unit has everything you need and comes with full instructions and the free pain management videos as well. 

Get Your Today.



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