Correct Your Winged Scapula
It All Begins with Strengthening Exercises

As we have discussed earlier, a winged scapula is caused by muscle weakness and/or muscle imbalances. Whether the cause of weakness and imbalance is trauma, nerve damage, or overdeveloped muscle groups does not matter; treatment begins with exercises to strengthen weak muscle groups.






When You Have A Nerve Damage 

In the case of nerve damage, the degree of nerve damage may be very difficult to assess. But as long as the nerves can stimulate some degree of muscle motion, that muscle can be made stronger. It may never be 100% or completely normal but whatever power it can generate will help to control the scapular positioning.

Unless the spinal accessory nerve and the long thoracic nerve are both severed or injured to a degree where they are unable to stimulate any muscle activity strengthening exercises will make a difference.

Can Be Made Stronger 

If either one of these nerves and their associated muscle groups are uninjured they can be built up and strengthened to compensate for the lack of power in other muscles that help to control the scapula.

Even though the trapezius and serratus anterior are the major muscle groups that hold the scapula down and in against the chest, these exercises will also help to recruit and strengthen other muscle groups that can help reduce scapular winging.


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Exercises Are The Answer 

Exercises to correct a winged scapula will work to strengthen your trapezius and serratus anterior muscles. They are easy to do and simple to understand.

These excellent videos demonstrate
how you can strengthen your trapezius muscles.

Strengthen Your Trapezius

These exercises are easy to do:

These exercises are more complicated to perform:

Strengthen Your Serratus Anterior

These exercises are easy to do:

These exercises are more complicated to perform:

If your scapular winging is mild to moderate, an exercise program to strengthen the serratus anterior and trapezius muscle groups is reasonable therapy.

If you do these exercises daily, or every other day, for six weeks you should begin to notice a difference. Your shoulder blade will not protrude as much and it will be easier for you to raise your arm up in front of your body.

"all treatment plans begin with simple strengthening exercises"

If after six weeks of doing these exercises consistently your symptoms do not seem to be improving you need to be seen by your doctor for further evaluation. There are treatments for treating more severe symptoms, but all treatment plans begin with simple strengthening exercises.

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