Words of Wisdom

From Leaders in the World of Back Pain Treatment

Our "Words of Wisdom" section is dedicated to picking the brains of the professionals who manage and treat back pain for a living.

They have agreed to share their expertise with us and we value their time, their opinions, and their techniques.

We here at living with back pain.org are always eager to learn from the experts.  When dealing with back pain one size definitely does not fit all.  What works for one person, may not work for another, so we always need to consider all of the treatments, and types of treatments, that are available.

Lynda Lippin a leader in the world of Pilates, discusses exercises for back pain and motivates us to exercise and live with less pain.

Dr James Gray from Gray Chiropractic and Natural Health Care, "tells it like it is" about health care and personal responsibility, and he shares some exercises that anyone can do at home to strengthen and protect your back.

Hamid Shibata Bennett, LMT blends massage therapy and bodywork with an emphasis on the mind-body connection, movement, Sufi healing techniques and guided self-awareness. Hamid flows with an inborn, natural rhythm, facilitating profound physical change, rippling across every level of being. He helps us understand the world of massage as he sees it.

Owen Marcus is a Certified Advanced Rolfer and he is advancing the boundaries of this amazing technique. In this interview he discusses Rolfing and the benefits it can have for people in pain.

Dr Richard Guyer has been a spine surgeon since 1982. In this interview he discusses conservative therapies that can be used before considering surgery and the latest surgical techniques that are being used at The Texas Back Institute.








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    Acupressure Mat / Bed of Nails

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  2. What Works for Me...... and What Works for Others

    My Chair

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