Yes. Gluten Free diet helped me.

by Brian Mills

I have lumbar spinal stenosis. Conservative treatments did not work. I retired early as I couldn't perform my job anymore. Developed prostate cancer, had surgery then radiation. Sciatica got worse. GI system suffered. I couldn't walk around the block without resting. I was looking for a neurosurgeon.
Brother recommended gluten free diet. Digestive system cleared up and sciatica greatly reduced after one month. I am now hiking 15 k on weekends.

Gluten sensitivity causes inflammation in some people which causes sciatica.
I may also have had "leaky gut syndrome" from radiation to abdomen. That causes tremendous inflammation. Gluten free diet would help that too. Now I don't need any meds and hike every weekend. I have my life back.

Note: Doctors and physio therapists never mentioned anything about diet as a treatment. Radiation Oncologist never mentioned anything about leaky gut syndrome. Many people have similar radiation side effects.

You have to be your own advocate and become an expert about your health

These web sites are great.

Brian, all I can say is WOW that is an amazing story. You are correct about gluten sensitivity causing inflammation and increased inflammation can affect any number of maladies. Eliminating gluten can improve or completely relieve many different conditions.

You are also correct about being your own advocate. Nobody cares as much, or is as interested in your condition, as you. I would also emphasize the importance of educating yourself and being willing to try some different things and never giving up.

It sounds like you are dealing with multiple different painful conditions and I am sure that you have tried many different treatments that did not work. It must have been tempting to just give up and say "I can't". But you persevered, learning more and trying different therapies until you have something that would work for you.

I am proud to have heard your story and thanks for taking the time to write in. We are all dealing with different conditions and situations and it is nice to hear a success story from someone who was once in the same situation as us.

Good luck and God bless

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