Yes: Stop the Black Market and Increase Tax Revenue

by Amy
(Bay Area, California)

In less than a week, people from California get to vote on Prop 19, to legalize the sale of pot.

While no solution is perfect, I think it is a step in the right direction, because we have seen how prohibition affects society with crime and turns otherwise lawful citizens into people who conduct criminal activity.

I don't smoke it because in the past when I have tried marijuana, it made me feel awful. Music sounded especially lovely, but I felt just terrible, so it does not agree with me and I hate the way it tastes.

However, I have friends who indulge now and again. These friends of mine are highly intelligent with enviable careers and stable, healthy relationships and home life. They are responsible citizens of this country and they enjoy smoking a dried plant on occasion.

This is likely the profile of MANY people who smoke pot. It is a proven pain reducer, and it certainly does not cause the violence that drinking alcohol can.

But the same laws that are enforced toward drinking should pertain to pot as well: no driving while under the influence! Fines and other consequences should be just as severe as the drinking laws.

Also no one under 18 (or 21?) should legally be able to purchase marijuana.

Californians have the opportunity to create lots of tax revenue by legalizing pot. Next year we're looking at a budget shortfall of about $30 Billion. Yeah, you read that number right: $30 BILLION!!! While the tax revenue from the sale of pot will only put a dent in that number, at least it is a step in the right direction.

I could go on even more, but I think that this plant - this PLANT - should be made legal. The prescription drug industry is far more dangerous and corrupt, in my opinion, and promoting a natural product that is a PLANT is more ethical, in my opinion.

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This seems reasonable
by: Dave

Thanks for sharing your experience and such a well thought out opinion. You seem like a reasonable and intelligent person. What is your opinion of how medical marijuana has worked out in California? Do you think it has been well controlled and managed? Or do you think a lot of aggressive entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the law?

It would be great to get some input from someone who lives there, and thanks again for joining in.


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