Yoga, Myofascial Release Therapy, Physical Therapy

by DT
(Tx USA)

What helps my myofascial pain syndrome 16 year chronic neck and shoulder pain:

1. Hot shower with a shower massage attachment directed on the trapezius muscle

2. herbs tumeric and ginger in capsule form for inflammation,

3. Fish oil capsules three times a day

4. "Sore No More" capsaicin cream

5. Warrior pose yoga stretches

6. Myofascial massage by Airrosti

7. Doing guided meditations posted by"The Honest Guys" on Youtube

8. Listening to binaural beats on Youtube

9. Listening to classical music, particularly Beethoven

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Good for you!!!
by: Dave

DT that is excellent. It sounds like you are aggressively managing your pain and moving on with your life. Good for you!!!

But wait, you didn't say anything about narcotic pain medication. I suspect that you are not using any pain medications and that is even better.

I have recently been getting more interested in meditation as a pain management tool. I am learning that it has many more benefits and it seems that most everyone could improve their life with meditation. I will certainly check out the Youtube videos that you recommend.

Binaural beats? That is a new one on me but it sounds very interesting. I am just now learning to meditate but when I get very relaxed I can feel my heartbeat. Is that similar to binaural beats? I'm going to investigate this further.

DT thanks for taking the time to check in.
We can all benefit from your experience.


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